Daniel Hanka and Simon Bartik – ‘CzechMate’ Ep. 3


You better believe it! The gang is back in full force, as Simon Bartik AKA Simba, and the guitar bashing Daniel Hanka unite once more for the third installment of ‘CzechMate’. The finely crafted features of Mottolino Mountain, Italy serve as their stomping grounds for this wild ride. Keep your eyes peeled for the nastiest switch 3 you might ever grace your eyeballs with, and plenty of other tricks that will have you pause, rewind, and play, just for the pure awe of it.

Daniel is hosting the Danihell Hanka Invitational, and submissions for one coveted spot are open till March 7th! Get ’em in and keep your eyes peeled for what we’re sure will be one of the more rad events skiing has even known.

This article was originally published by Freeskier.com. Read the original article here.


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