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Snowboarding The PERFECT Pump Track


Pierre Vaultier broke the internet back in 2019 when he dropped his first iteration of ‘The Ultimate Pump Track’, and he’s back again with an even larger track.

The run is short, but the fact that Red Bull was able to pull this off is absolutely incredible. Everything from the speed of the snow, the shape of the jumps, the distance between the jumps and more had to be absolutely perfect for this to work out.

Can you imagine if ski resorts had some kind of aerial pump track like this in the terrain parks? People would get absolutely decimated, but it would be sooooo much fun to ride if you could pull it off.

[embedded content]

“Pierre Vaultier is back to send his snowboard down another incredible snow pump track in the alps, and watching him carve the smooth turns and jumps is like watching an artist at work. The multiple World Cup and Olympic Champion snowboarder makes riding this dreamy @Prada pump track look easy ????”

Also, anybody notice the Prada sponsorship throughout the video?

Vaultier is wearing a Prada jacket, riding a Prada snowboard, and the Prada logo is on the actual course. I know Prada isn’t a traditional snowboarding brand, but it fees like they’re really taking a leap into the sport.

It really seems stupid now that the Olympics told Julia Marino that she couldn’t ride her Prada board. Check out that ridiculous story here.

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