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Ski Resort Pressing Charges For Powder Poaching Skiers


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Eagle Point isn’t playing any games when it comes to poaching lines. The resort announced on Instagram today that they’re pressing charges against 6 trespassers.

The resort claims that these 6 men used skins to get fresh tracks on the resort’s trails before they were open to the public.

The picture of the poached lines, and the story are included below.

I don’t wanna ruffle any feathers here, but haven’t backcountry skiers been poaching lines at resorts for years? This can’t be the first time it’s happened to Eagle Point either, right?

I get that i can be dangerous/irresponsible to poach a line at a resort outside of operating hours, but is it really worth pressing charges?

The resort added a comment to their Facebook post. It explains their reason for pressing charges. The mountain claims the skiers were on the closed resort for half a day.

Eagle Point is operating only on Fridays, Saturday, Sundays, and Mondays through February. The resort also reiterated that the mountain is private property…

I’m not so sure. Neither are the people in the comments section:

“Please don’t let these people change your uphill policy and go the way of the big resorts up north. We are so grateful we are able to skin up to the backcountry gate behind the Monarch lift.”

“Couldn’t even get 10 customers on this mountain just a few years ago, now they’re pressing charges for “poachers” ????????Did a Californian buy the resort? Geezust ????????‍♂️not a good look.”

“Well that seems a bit dramatic. When you press charges everyone loses, including Eagle Point.”

“Not a good look Eagle Point. ????

“I thought this was satire, you pressed charges? Im kinda happy I haven’t been to this resort.”

It will be interesting to see how this case plays out.  Eagle Point will set a legal precedent for ski resorts across the country if they successfully get these men charged.

That would be very interesting for resorts trying to completely eliminate backcountry/skinning access entirely.

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