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WATCH: Top Runs From Kings & Queens of Corbet’s 2022


Did you miss the action last week when Kings & Queens of Corbet’s went down at Jackson Hole? Or, do you wanna just relive the best moments? Either way, we got you covered.

Check out the Top 5 Men’s Runs and the Top 3 Women’s Runs from the 2022 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s below.

Top 5 Men’s Runs:

[embedded content]

Top 3 Women’s Runs:

[embedded content]

My opinions on the women’s results- I personally think that Juliette Willmann should have taken 1st for how hard she skied the couloir.

Conditions weren’t ideal, but she absolutely sent it and was charging hard. With that being said, Piper Kunst’s huuuuuuuuuuge backflip was pretty damn sweet. I’ve watched that clip so many times.

My opinion’s on the men’s results- Hans Mindnich’s winning run was great, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure I would have given him 1st place.

Especially with Parkin Costain going with back to back backflips, and Yuki Kadono’s sick hand-drag as he dropped into Corbet’s.

Which runs were your favorites?

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