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Gold Medalist Shreds Powder at Mount Bohemia


Olympic Gold Medalist Nick Baumgartner returned to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as a hero. His local town threw him a parade, he made a speech at a local school, and he showed up to Mount Bohemia earlier this week to ride some pow.

Boho has been getting dumped on recently. The mountain has seen 30″ fall in the last 7 days, and 262″ on the season!

The gold medalist was even rocking his Team USA Olympic uniform.

Check out the photos posted by Mount Bohemia below:

It’s awesome that Baumgartner represents the UP, and gives back to his supporting community and fans. There’re thousands of passionate skiers and riders in the UP that get overlooked in the industry.

It feels like Baumgartner is putting them on the map in a way, and I love to see it!

Featured Image Credit: @mountbohemia, @kristoil

Header Image Credit: @mikedawsy

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