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Stubborn Dog Just Wants To Play With Aggravated Bull Moose


Dogs are man’s best friend, but they don’t always listen to us…do they?

The video below shows a man recording his dog Akira investigating a bull moose in the neighbor’s yard. The man tries over and over again to get Akira to come inside, but it seems like she just wants to play. After all that fun a rubber ball rope toy will be fun.

Well, at least I’m assuming that based on her tail wagging, and her inquisitive look. Akira looks like a good girl, but she might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, ya know?

The video’s description claims that the moose charged Akira right before he started recording. Thankfully, Akira and the moose were unharmed!

The video’s uploader wrote in the comments that it was recorded at his home in Alaska.

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Keith Burgess: “Let my dog Akira out and had no idea a bull moose was in my neighbors yard, which charged my dog right before I started to record. The moose also was making deep grunts and guttural noises, not to mention its hackles were higher than most I’ve seen. My dog might be lucky, but she’s also kinda dumb, or just stubborn. And my tone is because this could have gone bad at any second, since moose are the most dangerous animal in North America.”

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