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Remember When Shaun White Won Skateboard Vert Gold?


People forget that Shaun White was one of the best vert skateboarders on the planet for a few years.

He won 2 X Games gold medals in skateboard vert, and even released a skateboarding video game back in the day.

The Flying Tomato could really thrown-down on a vert pipe, but his illustrious snowboarding career has obviously over-shadowed those accomplishments.

I was just scrolling through YouTube when I saw the clip below. It shows Shaun White’s Gold Medal winning run at X Games 2011 with Tony Hawk on the call. Pretty impressive to watch even 11 years later.

Also, remember when X Games skateboarding used to be a big deal? What happened? I miss the days where fans packed arenas to watch skateboarding comps.

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