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Crazy Rocketman Rides Jet Engine Go-Kart In Awesome Video


This guy. This guy right here. I want to be just like this guy when I reach his age.

He has to be at least what, 55? 60? Maybe even older? And he’s having the time of his life drive a mother f-in JET-POWERED go-kart around some salt flats like an absolute badass.

I might opt for some jet-powered skis instead, but you get the point. I just want to be one of those old retired guys that lives like he’s 22. That’s the way to do it!

He hits 90mph on this bad boy, and it looks like soooooo much fun. Enjoy!

[embedded content]

Robert Maddox“Rocketman Bob Maddox riding his Triple Valveless jet kart the “beast” Kart is the most advanced Pulsejet kart featuring Instant staring with injected propane and injected diesel. Kart has full range of throttle and Bob has run it up to 90mph.
Contact me at rrocketmann@charter.net buy at maddoxjets.com”

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