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WATCH: Snowboarder Arrested For Not Wearing Mask at Canadian Ski Resort


The video below has been circulating quite a bit on social media over the last couple of days. It shows a snowboarder being arrested for refusing to wear a mask on the chairlift at Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario, Canada.

Here’s the resort’s current policy for on-mountain activities:

  • Face masks / coverings are recommended at all times and required in lift lines and on the chairlift
  • Physical distancing of 2m (6ft) is required in all lift lines
  • Proof of vaccination is not required to ski or snowboard

Check it out below:

I have a couple of thoughts right off the bat.

1st- Why are ski resorts still requiring people to wear masks on open-air outdoor chairlifts? That seems more than a bit unnecessary these days.

2nd- This dude knew the rules before arriving at the resort. He’s an ass for blatantly breaking those rules to make a statement.

3rd- Did they really have to forcefully arrest him for not wearing a mask? Just tell him that they’re not running the lift until he puts one on. Wrestling him to the ground in front of his family just seemed entirely unnecessary.

4th- That dude in the green jacket is a dickhead for getting involved. He only made the situation worse by rushing in there.

^Blue Mountain Trail Map

Just my thoughts. I know some of you will feel more passionately about the video than me, but it just seems like this whole thing could have been avoided in my opinion.

It’s just sad.

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