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5 Pilgrimages Every Skier Should Make


Whether you’re sliding down ice in Wisconsin, neck-deep in powder in Utah, or cruising in the sun in California, we all ski or snowboard because of the love of the sport.

That love drives us to experience mountains all over the country. These five “Pilgrimages” are experiences that are essential for every American skier to experience in their lifetime.

Collect ’em all!

1. Corbet’s Couloir- Jackson Hole

Kings & Queens of Corbet's 2022: main event

Kings & Queens of Corbet's 2022: main event

^Kings & Queens of Corbet’s 2022. Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

There are lift-serviced trails that are more difficult than Corbet’s, but none match it in mystique and legend.  The Couloir is named after Barry Corbet, who claimed in 1960 “Someday someone will ski that.” S

even years later local ski patroller Lonnie Ball was the first person to ski the infamous couloir.

Corbet’s is now home to one of the best free-skiing and snowboarding competitions in the world- Kings and Queens of Corbet’s. The couloir is a proving ground for skiers and snowboarders to show their skills.

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2. The Single Chair- Mad River Glen

Image result for the single chair mad river

Image result for the single chair mad river

^The Single Chair. Courtesy: New England Ski History

The Single Chair at Mad River Glen is the only one of its kind remaining in North America. The chair has been ascending General Stark Mountain since 1948, and has established itself as a legendary fixture in North American skiing lore.

I encourage you to read more about the history of Mad River Glen. We owe so much to the pioneers of skiing of the early-mid 20th century.

*Sorry snowboarders… I know Mad River only allows skiing…*

3. KT-22- Palisades Tahoe



Shane McConkey referred to KT-22 as “The best chairlift in North America”, and he’s probably not wrong. KT-22 serves up some of the best lift-serviced terrain in not only North America, but probably the world.

KT-22 offers 2,000 ft. of chutes, cliffs, steeps, and challenging terrain. I honestly don’t think there’s much more I can say about it.

If Shane McConkey thought it was the best chairlift in the world, do you really need more of a recommendation?

[embedded content]

4. Alta Ski Area

^Credit: Alta Ski Area/Rocko Menzyk

Alta is one of three mountains left in the country that doesn’t allow snowboarding. While I personally think that’s pretty whack, it is kind of cool being on a mountain only surrounded by skiers. Just in uniqueness alone.

Alta is a skier’s mountain, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, but that’s not the main draw. It’s the snow.

There’s a reason that Alta is consistently ranked as one of the top ski resorts in the world. The 500″ of dry, light, powdery snow, and challenging terrain is enough to satisfy any skier.

You just have to ski Alta at some point in your life. It’s that simple.

5. Alyeska Resort- Alaska

21/22 Season Passes - Alyeska Resort

21/22 Season Passes - Alyeska Resort

^Credit: Alyeska Resort

Alyeska seems to be a name that is whispered about by skiers and snowboarders around the country. The legendary resort is undoubtedly a place that every American skier hopes to experience someday.

Alyeska boasts the most average snowfall of any North American ski resort at 669 inches! Pair that with 2,500 ft. of vertical and amazing terrain, and you have yourself a mighty-fine ski resort.

Experiencing Alyeska Resort is something that every skier and rider dreams about.

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