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Utah Had its First Powder Day in Over a Month!


After a roaring Christmas holiday weather pattern for most western mountains, the snow situation has been dire. There has practically been no snowfall in January and early February, helping extend what experts are calling the West’s most dire drought in 1200 years. For example, Alta had only seen 1.5″ inches of snow in February before this week. That was until Wednesday when what was supposed to be a small snow system delivered some solid snow totals. These are far from home run numbers that the state of Utah is used to, but they’ll take it based on the circumstances.

Here are the totals from the major Utah ski resorts that saw four inches or more of snow:

  • Snowbird: 8″
  • Alta: 8″
  • Brighton: 6″
  • Snowbasin: 5″
  • Solitude: 5″
  • Powder Mountain: 4″

Image Credits: Snowbird, Alta, Snowbasin

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