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Eileen Gu Wraps Up Olympics With Halfpipe Gold Medal


Eileen Gu finished up her Olympics with another Gold Medal.

The 18-year-old from San Francisco, who chose to represent China in the Olympics, finishes with a Gold Medal in Big Air, Silver in Slopestyle, and Gold in Halfpipe.

Gu’s performance in Beijing has cemented her as the best all-around women’s freestyle skier on the planet.

I really wish she was competing for the United States, but that feels like a political discussion meant for another website.

For now, just enjoy her dominant performance in the Halfpipe below. The rest of the competition just simply couldn’t touch her amplitude and technical ability in the pipe.

NBC is extremely lame, and won’t allow other sites to embed their YouTube videos of Olympic coverage. So, we have to pretend like this is 2009, and you have to click the link below to watch the highlights.

Do me a favor and leave NBC Sports a comment about how ridiculous their grip on Olympic coverage is. TYIA.

Click here to watch Eileen Gu’s Olympic Halfpipe Gold Medal Winning Runs.

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