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Angry Moose Attacks Sled Dogs In Hard-To-Watch Video


The video below comes from a Norwegian sled dog operation. The group was attacked by an angry cow moose for seemingly no reason.

The moose hovers over the dogs, and then starts to stomp on them. The sled dog driver fights the moose off with a shovel, and then the video ends.

It’s hard to watch as you can hear the dogs whimpering in pain. Thankfully, according to the video’s caption, none of the dogs were seriously injured in the incident.

Check out the video and the translated caption below. Crazy!

“Had a nice meeting with a sour moose today. Was out on a training trip with a coffee stop at Kvaløya husky. 5-10 minutes before I got to Tommy so I saw a lonely cow standing about 30-40 m away from the trail, stopped and thought I should let her pull a little away before we passed.. but that time one.. when she saw us, she came straight to the spanner with her ears behind and first trampled through my barrel, then she continued to the spanner behind me.. and attacked both the dogs and me several times.. .. next time the rifle is with…
Went surprisingly well with the dogs, so far no damage to them, and no holdings or wounds.. and went well with both me and Emily driving the second spanner.
I think this cow with such behavior should have been taken out..”

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