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Moronic Killington Employees Leave Their 2-Year-Old Alone In Freezing Car While Skiing


Two employees of Killington Resort are accused of child cruelty after leaving their 2-year-old child in their car while skiing on February 8th. 21-year-old Katelynn Brent and 29-year-old Cory Ahern reportedly went through the lift gates 10 times, checking on their child in between runs while it was 28 degrees outside and the car was not running.

After receiving a call about the child, Killington Police pulled the couple over as they were leaving the mountain. Both are being charged with child cruelty and Brent is charged with a DUI after she blew a 0.10 during the traffic stop. Vermont Department for Children and New York State Department of Child Protective Services are aware of the incident. It’s unclear if the child is alright after the incident, but police do say that the child was found in the backseat during the traffic stop.

Holy cow, how stupid can you be? I get that kidnapping probably isn’t a huge threat at Killington, but hypothermia certainly is! It was 28 degrees out, and while that isn’t THAT cold, you can still get hypothermia at that temperature, and a small child is in a hell of a lot more danger from the cold than the parents. You want to ski, but you’ve got a kid to take care of? Find ski lessons to drop the child in, or find a daycare. In this case, there’s two people! Take turns skiing! Don’t leave your kid in the car! I certainly hope they face some hard core consequences for their stupidity.

Image Credit: Killington Resort on Instagram

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