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Some Idiot Left Petroleum Grease on a Boulder in Moab


“Pro Tip of the Century: Do not smear petroleum-based grease all over the handholds of classic boulder problems. “– Steph Davis, Professional Climber.

Various rock formations and petroglyphs across Utah have faced graffiti over the years, but this one deserves to be high up on the hall of shame. Petroleum grease was found at a popular bouldering spot in Moab, Utah last weekend. The act of vandalism occurred at the Big Bend Boulders in Moab, Utah. This popular boulder spot is located just off of State Highway 128, the Colorado River, and Big Bend Campground. Locals are trying to figure out whether a climber would’ve done it, but individuals like Friends of Indian Creek believe most in that community know better than to do something that moronic.  Steph Davis believes the climber targeted a specific problem route in order to permanently alter it.

Local groups are asking climbers to stay away from Black Box Boulder, Chaos Boulder, and Punisher Boulder for the time being. Friends of Indian Creek said initial attempts to remove the grease have been successful, although more work needs to be done to completely remove the substance. According to Gear Junkie, Moab BLM Law Enforcement has begun an investigation on the matter. Posts from Steph Davis and Friends of Indian Creek that describe the situation are below.

Image Credits: Steph Davis

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