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Enormously Round Bear Causes Turmoil In South Lake Tahoe


The California Fish & Wildlife is on the hunt for a massive 500-pound bear in South Lake Tahoe. This tank is apparently a frequenter of properties in the Tahoe Keys community, often spotted searching for food in the area, and has damaged 38 homes and caused more than 150 calls to officials. Because of the beasts frequent visits to populated areas, state officials want to trap the bear and put him down. The Bear League, and some locals, consider this to be cruel and unusual punishment.

“It’s how the community feels. They do not want the bear to pay the price for human ignorance. So when a bear is set to die in their community, people take a stand.” Ann Bryan with the Bear League, CBS Sacramento

Both the Fish & Wildlife and the Bear League agree that a relocation for the bear would be a death sentence, as it never learned to properly hunt and would likely die a terrible death of starvation. Instead, the Bear League is hoping the bear could be moved to an out-of-state sanctuary, and a meeting will be held to discuss the bear on Wednesday, February 16th.

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Image and Video Credit: CBS Sacramento on YouTube

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