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Mad River Glen’s Brutally Honest Conditions Report Is So Refreshing


It should be no secret at this point. I’m a huge fan of whoever is running the social media over at Mad River Glen.

I wrote about one of their Instagram posts claiming that ‘core shots are imminent’ back in December here, and the famous ski area is back with another gem today.

I love the honesty because it’s so different from what I’m used to seeing on conditions reports across the country. Most ski areas try to sugar coat the report to encourage skiers/riders to visit, but not Mad River Glen.

MRG has been extremely honest lately, and I commend them for that. Just take a look at the most recent Instagram post below. Give me another reputable ski area/resort that exhibits this level of honesty in their conditions report.

You can’t!

Sooo… the forecast through Saturday is wack. ???? Temps in the high 30s tomorrow are probably our best bet for a great day of skiing as current firm surfaces start to soften and come back to life underfoot. Thursday brings a high of 51° and a strong likelihood of the unmentionable “R” word before nosediving back into sub freezing temps that night. It hurts to keep going, so maybe just come ski tomorrow if you can?”

This level of honesty is a breath of fresh air in the ski industry. I respect the hell out of MRG for telling it how it is. I’m sure that their transparency goes a long way with their base.

I know I’d be more likely to come back to a ski area that was honest about their conditions than one that lied.

Well done, MRG. Keep it up, and I hope things turn around soon!

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